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The island

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The island of Kea

Kea is the westernmost island of the Cyclades with a perimeter of about 85km and a surface of 131 square kilometers. The port is just 16 miles from Lavrio, which makes it the closest to Cyclades in Attica and the International Airport El. Venizelos. The highest mountain is Prophet Elias with an altitude of 568 meters. Also on the island there is one of the largest natural harbors (bays) of the Mediterranean, the bay of Agios Nikolaos.

Special products of Kea to look for
During your stay at Kea do not miss a "more substantial taste" from Tzia. Tasting and enjoying local dishes such as "paspalas" (small pieces of pork cooked with tomatoes and eggs), "cigarettes" (pieces of pork meat with fat), "loza" (smoked pork), local sausages (smoked and made with local herbs), traditional cheeses (ksirotiri, mizithra, ksino, kopanisti).

We also recommend you to taste cock of wine, spaghetti with lobster and, of course, fresh fish. Combine your food with a glass of black wine that the locals call "mavroudi".

Before leaving, do not forget to buy local meat, extra virgin olive oil and thyme honey, pasteli, handmade sweets, almonds, but also products such as "spatholado" and "keralifi", which the locals consider to have healing and soothing properties.

Γυαλισκάρι - Gyaliskari beach
Κορησσία - Korissia
Ιουλίδα - Ioulida
Λιμάνι στην Κορισσίας - Korissia port

Beaches of Kea

The beaches

Korissia beach is the nearest to the port. The waters of the beach are always clean since the bay is open which allows the water to be refreshed. The restaurants, cafes, bars, gift shops, supermarkets and all the professionals are willing to serve you, and the beach-bar on the edge of the beach will cool you and offer you the sunbeds for free!
Gialiskari beach is just one kilometer from the port. The shady eucalyptus and the "armirikia" tie beautifully with the emerald waters of the beach! With cocktails, snacks and the view of the lighthouse, one can enjoy beautiful hours of relaxation!
Otzias beach is the longest beach on the island since the water covers about 500 meters of sand! There are private sunbeds, kiosks and benches from the Municipality and the trees along it make your bath invigorating! The restaurants and the pavilion of the area are at your disposal all day long, the beach volley and of course the playground awaits explorers and athletes of all ages!
Kampi beach is southwest of the island and about 3km from Koundouros. The enchanting houses perched on the rocks mix with the clear turquoise waters. The beach has sand and pebbles, there are trees and kiosks for shade and when you are hungry, you will find a tavern above the beach smelling cooked food!
Koundouros beach is considered to be one of the most touristic beaches on the island. The facilities have excellent organization since you can find coffee and loungers, food and mini markets. The beach is mostly sandy and at the edge there are some rocks that go inside the sea and make the landscape special! The waters are blue-green, ideally warm and somewhat shallow at first.
Poisses beach is at the west of the island, large in size and very well organized with volleyball net and sun loungers on the sandy beach, with trees for shade and crystal clear waters for refreshing dives. A few meters from the beach you will find the only camping on the island, while there are restaurants and mini-markets in the area.
Xyla Beach is located on the northwest coast of Kea, 12 kilometers from the capital Ioulida and about 4.5 km south of Korissia. Xyla beach is one of the most popular beaches on Kea, in a beautiful and picturesque Cycladic environment, and many are those who choose to enjoy a swim. It is a beautiful beach with golden sand and small pebbles on the shore and crystal clear and relatively deep water.
Spathi BeachThe beach of Spathi is one of the most beautiful on Kea. It is large with nice bright sand, and can be found at 14 km from Ioulida, the capital of the island. The travel to this beach is also very pleasant, since it takes visitors to an arid area of tranquil beauty, after which a green valley appears on the scenery

Κορησσία - Korissia beach
Καμπί - Kampi beach
Κουνδουράκι - Koundouraki beach
Γυαλισκάρι - Gyaliskari beach
Γυαλισκάρι - Gyaliskari beach
Κούνδουρος - Koundouros beach
Οτζιάς - Otzias beach
Οτζιάς - Otzias beach
Ποίσσες - Poisses beach
Σπαθί - Spathi beach
Ξύλα - Ksila beach

Things to do in Kea