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Festive memorial events – “Lambros Katsonis”
For two consecutive years, in July, celebrations are celebrated in memory of Lambros Katsonis, a historian, who played an important role in the history of Kea during the years of the Russian-Ottoman war. His history is known, since, when he was excluded from the Turks at the bay of Ag. Nicholas, managed to escape with his ship from the isle of Coca, now called “Steno Lambrou Katsoni”. After his escape, the Turks retaliated at the expense of the inhabitants of the island.
The events aim to make known to the general public a particularly important contribution of Lambros Katsonis in the history of the Greek Nation and Kea. The program includes a variety of festive music and dance events every year, as well as speeches by both local and other actors.

Fairytale Feast
The Feast of Fairytales takes place every summer, from 2003, in July. Each year many distinguished narrators, musicians and artists take part in the events, both from Greece and abroad, traveling to the world of fairy tales and dreams. The narratives and all the other artistic activities that surround them (theatrical performances, games, creative child employment, music – visual events, book exhibitions, seminars of folk oral tradition) are addressed to children of all ages and adults.

Feast of Sotiros
On the evening of July 6, the Association of Poisses, “St. Isidoros” organizes a native kea feast on the beach of Poisses, with local traditional music, offering food and local wine.

Feast of the 15th of August
On the evening of the 15th of August, you can experience a genuine “tziotic” feast until early hours, enjoying your food and wine in one of the taverns of Ioulida Square. You will have fun with jazz, traditional music, dancing and songs.



Tzia can only be the ideal destination for people who are active in this type of tourism, since its clear waters and the playful beauties surrounding it are action-packed and ready for exploration! And if you are lucky you may have pleasant encounters with open dolphins and seals living in remote caves of the island! These kind of activities include scuba diving with a view to exploring the bottom or even fishing, tours with your boat or sailing to discover deserted beaches with rare and wild beauty and moorings in the two organized marinas of the island, visit to the “island of Helen” also known as Makronisos and the possibility of entertainment and sport through marine sports.

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Water Sports


Walking paths

The paths of Kea are unique. This has prompted the interest of the Cultural Department of the Prefecture of Cyclades, which has begun a great effort to promote them by calling them “Cultural Interests Routes”. The most remarkable were recorded, cleaned, marked with wooden signs at the beginning and end of each route and mapped and certified by ISO 9001: 2000.

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