Usefull Telephones :

Kea Port Authority :áááááááá 22880 21344
Kea Polce Department:á 22880 21100
Tourist information: á22880 21500

Ferries Ticket booking- schedule info:
Lavrio - Kea: 22920 26200,á 22920 26777
Kea - Lavrio : 22880 22920-21,á 22880 21435


đŰš˝´÷´˝▀ň˛ ŃÚß ˘´ Ýšˇ▀

The port of Kea. The first place that one will see on his arrival. There are plenty of shops here like bars, taverns, coffee places etc. On summer season this small port is quite busy so traffic problems occur very often. There is a sandy beach closeby. Although the distance from port is small, it's absolutelyá a safe place for swimming, with fine waters.

A small town, full of fish taverns and bars. It's small port is full of small fishing crafts as well as sailing boats even large cruise boats, especially on summer months.

Wonderful small seaside village just 5 km from port with long sandy beach and crystal clear waters. Quite interesting attraction for most Kea visitors.

This Monastery is ásituated in the East of the island 6 kms after Otzias beach . It was built during the 18th century on top of a áprecipitous cliff. There is a breathtaking view and a path between the mountains which leads to a beautiful lonely beach.

The main town on the island, built on the side of a hill about 6 kms from Korissia. Here we find lots of small white houses, churches and shops. Just a few minutes walk from Ioulis one can see a formation of earth in the shape of a 9 meter long Lion, called Liˇntas by the locals

Here we find a great beach and the ruins of the ancient city ofá Poisses. It's 15 kms west of Korissia. There are plenty of rooms to let but shops and food places are limited.

Here we find mostly luxury houses and traditional villas which are private owned and are not available for rental. An interesting place for Greek and foreign investors. 1.5 km further, we see the beach of áKampi

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